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megan-gordon086Hello and welcome to A Sweet Spoonful, a website cataloging living and cooking with whole foods in my Pacific Northwest kitchen. I am a food writer, recipe developer, culinary educator, and owner of Seattle-based Marge Granola.

For the most part, the recipes you’ll find on A Sweet Spoonful will feature natural/whole foods, seasonal ingredients, and whole grains. If you like the recipes on the site, I think you’d like my first cookbook, too: Whole-Grain Mornings: New Breakfast Recipes to Span the Seasons (Ten Speed Press, Dec. 2013).

Today I write regularly for The Kitchn and Edible Seattle; I also write and develop recipes for a variety of regional and national magazines & websites as well as companies and brands; for more information on rates or clips, please email me at meganjgordon {at}


“Give homage to old coffee cups, sparrows, city buses, thin ham sandwiches.”  Natalie Goldberg

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A Few Frequently Asked Questions…

Will you try my product and tell us what you think? I don’t formally review products or do promotions and giveaways on the site. I do, however, mention products that I’m enjoying and using in our kitchen. If I received a product for free or as a promotion, I will always let you know. PR folks: If you’d like to send me something that’s relevant to A Sweet Spoonful, please feel free to reach out. I’d certainly be open to trying your product, but I can’t guarantee that I will mention it on the blog.

Do you take all of your own photos? I do, with the exception of the beautiful header, which I asked my favorite Seattle food photographer, Lara Ferroni, to do for me. I now work with a Canon 5D Mark2 and use a 24-70 mm lens for most of the shots on this site. I flirt with a fixed 50mm and occasionally dust off our 100mm macro lens.

I’d like to use one of your photos on my site—is that o.k.? It depends, but it’s imperative that you contact me first as all content and photos on this site are copyrighted. If your request is legitimate and you link to the photo & give credit properly, I’ll often say yes. But we must chat first. If you are interested in licensing one of my photographs for commercial purposes, please contact me directly.

I wrote a comment on your blog and you didn’t post it—why? I love and appreciate all of my readers who take the time to comment on A Sweet Spoonful. I welcome all constructive feedback, thoughts, and reactions. 99% of the comments are lovely and truly make my day. Every now and then, I get an anonymous, nasty one and if it’s not relevant to the content on the site and it’s not constructive, I do delete it as it’s just not what this community is about.

Can we exchange links? I do have a Links page in which I reference sites I’m excited about, but I don’t do link exchanges.

How do I contact you? Feel free to email me at meganjgordon {at} You can also find me on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google + (see the little links at the top right of the homepage for more information).