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New York City Bakeries

There’s nothing like New York during the holidays. As many of you know, I spent Thanksgiving in New York this year visiting family, staying with my little sister in Soho and eating many, many cookies. And slices of pie. And cupcakes. I wanted to share a quick photo tour of our time spent bakery-hoppingĀ  so […]


Weekend in the Napa Valley

The day after Christmas, my mom whisked my sisters and I up to Calistoga for the weekend. We stayed at Solage, and explored the town and surroundings on bikes. If you ever find yourself in the Napa Valley for a few days, here are some of our favorite spots: Saturday We checked into Solage late […]


A Day Trip to Boonville

While I generally like to keep the writing I do on my blog and the writing I do elsewhere separate, I have been wanting to feature more travel-related food writing on A Sweet Spoonful so I’m carrying this one over. I wrote this piece for Bay Area Bites this week. If you live in the […]

Fraiche yogurt

A Yogurt Revolution?

While recently strolling down Fillmore St., I noticed a new yogurt shop. Now, like most places on earth, San Francisco’s had a major influx (read: glut) of new-wave frozen yogurt over the past two years. I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve spent many a dollar on the clean, subtle flavor of the tart yogurt–so […]

contigo restaurant

SF Food Lovers Top Ten List

I love making lists. It’s a sure bet that at any given moment there will be to-do lists in my jean pockets, grocery lists scrawled on napkins by the sink, or post-its with songs I want to download or books I want to check out splayed across my desk. But this one was hard. In […]